Professional Natural Stone Floor Cleaning In Meridian, Idaho

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Natural stone adds a beautiful touch of nature to your home. It connects you with the outdoors and provides your home with unique textures. To maintain the elegance of natural stone, it’s important to keep it clean and protected. At Super Shine, we offer exceptional stone services to keep your space looking spectacular. With professional-grade tools and an experienced team, we’ll ensure that your stone continues to embody its’ natural essence.

Rejuvenate Your Stone Floors

To keep your stone floor gleaming, we take every measure to clean and shine them. Our process begins by giving the grout lines a deep scrub. When the grout lines between the stone are cleaned, it creates a higher contrast, which allows the eyes to focus on what’s important. The dirt and grime is then cleaned from the stone floor using professional high-pressure rotary equipment. We also offer polishing and buffing services for your stone floors. This removes dullness and light scratches, giving your stone a fresh and pure surface.

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We Clean Green

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We use non-toxic biodegradable cleaning agents which are tough on dirt, but gentle on the environment.

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