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Flooring in your home accounts for a large percentage of visible space. That being said, when it’s stained and dirty, it’s impossible to ignore. You also can’t forget about the dust mites and animal odors trapped deep inside. At Super Shine, our goal is to help clients keep their homes feeling truly spectacular. We want to eliminate eye-sores and pet odors to help you relax and focus on being in the moment with your family.

Super Shine Carpet Cleaning Process

We use the highly effective method that is recommended by carpet manufacturers. This process is called Hot Water Extraction, frequently called Steam Cleaning. This deep clean process removes dust mites, allergens, and prevents the spread of germs. With our State-of-the-art equipment, and regular maintenance you can extend the life of your carpet. The steps we take to ensure the cleanest carpets include the following:

First – Our certified trained technician does a thorough pre-inspection of all the areas to be cleaned. During this inspection, we check for any damage, heavily-soiled, problem areas, or noticeable stains.

Second –  Apply protective equipment. This is to protect your baseboards and walls, thus keep your home looking as before we arrived.

Third – Pre-Vacuum. This is very important to the cleaning process. Our efficient commercial vacuum cleaners are very effective at pulling out deep loose soil and hair. Its important to remove these “before” any liquids are applied.

Fourth – Pre-treatment of problem areas, spots or stains. This gives extra dwell time to break  up the dirt and grease present.

Fifth – Apply an emulsifier over the carpet, which helps to loosen and dissolve all of the embedded soils. This ensures that you have a truly deep clean.

Sixth –  Inject our special rinse agent and fresh hot water deep into the fibers and wash away all the dirt, dust mites, allergens and soiling. The purpose of this rinse is to breakdown all of the dirt, allergens and cleaning solutions. There is no sticky or soapy residue left behind.

Seventh – This step is to extract out all of the water. Our state of the art powerful truck-mounted equipment that has enough vacuum power to remove almost all of the moisture contained within your carpet fibers. Instead of leaving your carpets soaking wet, your carpets will only be damp. Once we have finished this drying process, the average wait time for your carpets to be completely dry again is hours – NOT days!

The final step is to apply protectant. Application of a protectant is for your lasting clean. This step while being a great value, is completely optional. The benefit provided is to coat the fibers consequently giving you time to clean up spills and dirt, thus preventing them from penetrating into the fibers. This will help prolong the life of your investment.

We Clean Green

We use non-toxic biodegradable cleaning agents which are tough on dirt, but gentle on the environment.

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Pet Stain Removal

Pets can be unpredictable and sometimes leave a mess in the worst of locations. Although you were quick to clean it up, you may still see a stain. Home remedies can help lighten the stain but only professional strength cleaners can fully remove them. At Super Shine Carpet Cleaning, we know exactly how to handle those troublesome pet stains.

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Pet Stains