Intensive Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional deep cleaning restores and sanitizes deep into the grout lines and pores of the tile surface. Our state-of-the-art equipment is safe and effective at eliminating deep down grease and dirt thus providing a longer lasting clean. Rotating bars spin Jets with very high temperature to remove deep down dirt. As an added service, we can also apply a protective barrier against spills and stains with sealant.

Long-Lasting Results

Your tile and grout are exposed to moisture and grime every day. Without cleaning down deep, It doesn’t take long for buildup to occur. At Super Shine Carpet Cleaning, we provide a sealant service that will help keep your tile clean looking. With our professional tile and grout protection, you will be saving yourself time and money by extending the life of your existing floor.

Stay Clean and Healthy

The grout between tiles is porous and very absorbent. As it soaks in moisture and dirt, it becomes stained and very difficult to clean by hand.  Grout can also responsible for hosting mold and mildew, which can become a health issue in your home. If you have grout in your kitchen and your bathrooms, it’s important to use effective cleaning solutions. With our professional cleaning service, you can keep the floors in your home sparkling clean and healthy for the whole family.

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We Clean Green


We use non-toxic biodegradable cleaning agents which are tough on dirt, but gentle on the environment.

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