Our carpet cleaning process is convenient, efficient, and hassle-free with only minimal disruption to your home. Please remove any valuable or fragile items before we arrive and we also suggest that you remove any smaller, easy to move items. If your furniture has been tabbed, please leave these protectors there for a full 24 hours. Doing this will protect your furniture as well as the carpet. After your carpets are fresh and clean, please keep traffic off of the carpet for at least 3-4 hours.

The carpet can be slippery when damp, but if you must walk on it, you should take your shoes off.  In the winter, please turn on the heat to about 68° with the windows open enough to create air movement. For the rest of the year, open your windows for fresh air movement.


How Should I Treat Spills?
Spills sink into carpets quickly. If you don’t act fast, that red wine, juice or sauce will be absorbed by the carpet fibers. And if you wait to long, the spill may dry and set. Stains can seep deep down into the carpet’s padding or, if they’re acidic, they could eat away at the carpet fibers. So whatever the spill may be, it’s always best to act fast.

With a clean white cotton cloth, start at the outer edges and work your way in so that you don’t spread the stain out further. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing, which can push the spill further into the carpet fibers instead blot the area. Apply club soda or cool water to the area. (taking care not to soak the carpet) Blot up as much as possible. Then, use a dry paper towel to blot up and dry the area, using weight to absorb the liquid. Next, mix about a tablespoon of mild liquid dish detergent to two cups of cool water. Using a clean white cloth, blot and gently stroke the stain with the detergent solution. Rinse afterward with cool water. Older stains are far more difficult to get up than brand new ones, which is why it’s so important that you act quickly. Be diligent about getting up every bit of the spill. Most importantly remember, if you’re having a difficult time removing a spill on your carpet or you’re afraid that you’ll accidentally damage it, just give us a call and will will come and work on it for you.

Is Protectant Any Good and How Does it Work?
Protectant provides a protective shield that surrounds each fiber and protects it from water- and oil-based stains. It is designed to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating carpet and fabric fibers, but it isn’t infallible. That doesn’t mean that you get just let repelled stains sit on your carpet for hours or days. Protectant gives you time to prevent a stain by not quickly absorbing into the fibers. With proper usage, it will keep your carpet and furniture looking cleaner for longer than they would have otherwise. Depending on the amount of traffic on your carpet, you should re-apply carpet protector at least every other time you have the carpet cleaned. Why? Protective coating of the carpet fibers is important and well worth the money spent to protect the investment of your carpet.

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned?
Most carpet manufacturers require carpet cleaning every 12-18 months to keep the warranty in effect. Those with children, pets, or large families will need more frequent cleanings. We can help you evaluate your personal needs and set it up accordingly.

Do You Move furniture?
Yes, we will move couches, tables, and other small furniture. However, we do not move: Pianos, beds, dressers, pool tables, china cabinets, electronic equipment, etc. If you have one or multiple of these items, make plans to have them moved before we arrive. Otherwise we are very good about getting around furniture and under beds etc. so leaving them in place is not a problem. If you are curious about other types of furniture, please give us a call and we’ll discuss the matter.

After the carpet was cleaned, it now has bubbles and ripples in it. Why?
Bubbles in your carpet can be from  moisture in which the fibers and/or backing  swell. This can sometimes cause visible bumps, or ripples  in your carpet. This can happen on occasion and is not permanent. The carpet will lay flat again when it’s dry.

Do you guarantee removal of all spots and stains?
We cannot guarantee that every spot or stain will be removed due to the numerous variables that cause permanence. However, we have during our many years cleaning carpet come across very severe stains and been able to lift them from the carpet. We can only guarantee that we use the best products and will do everything in our power to try and remove the spot or stain.

Do I need to vacuum before you come?
No, there is no need to vacuum before we come to clean your carpet. We have commercial vacuums that we’ll use before we begin the cleaning process. To prepare for our arrival, you can clear the area of small pieces of furniture, or fragile/ breakable items

I have had my carpet cleaned but the spots have reappeared. Why?
This is rare but it may be due to the spot being in the carpet backing underneath. If that is the case, the spot could wick to the surface after cleaning. If this has occurred in your carpet, you are important to us, so please give us a call. We’ll inspect the problem area and find a solution to the re-emerging spots.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?
Typically, it takes around 2 to 4 hours to fully dry. If extra treatment was done, it may take longer. We will inform you before the process so you can plan accordingly. Since the carpet will be damp, we strongly urge you to keep from walking on it in order to avoid slipping.