Boise Carpet Repair

Your home carpet is continually exposed to foot traffic, spills, and other unforeseeable accidents. Luckily, your carpet can be repaired with the help of trained repair professionals. We at SuperShine have extensive education, training and certification as carpet repair specialists. We use our knowledge, advanced skills, and tools to repair most problems. If you’re in need of rapid and reliable carpet repair today, depend on us to take care of you.

Carpet Repair Services

As a long-running carpet cleaning business, we strive to make our customers happy. With the best equipment and methods, our experts can make carpet repairs look easy! At Super Shine Carpet Cleaning, we can provide you with the following carpet repair services;

  • Re-Stretch
  • Re-install
  • Tears
  • Seams
  • Replace padding
  • Repair holes
  • Wax damageBurn holes

Give New Life to Your Carpet Today

Chances are, your carpet has gone through some wear and tear. Each situation is different, whether it’s stretched out, has pet damage or burn holes, it makes an unpleasant site in your home. If this sounds like your carpet, it may be time to give it some love. For fresh, sanitized and repaired carpets, always trust in Super Shine.

Carpet Repair saves money when replacing isn’t an option. Call now for a free custom quote! (208) 891-9221