What’s the difference between dry carpet cleaning compared to traditional steam carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning

Advantages of Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning include:

  1. Environmentally friendly: Steam cleaning uses water, so it’s a natural, eco-friendly way to clean your carpets.
  2. Kills germs and bacteria: Steam cleaning can effectively kill germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. The high temperature of the steam is enough to kill many common household bacteria and viruses.
  3. Removes tough stains: Steam cleaning can remove tough stains that may not be removed by other cleaning methods. The heat and pressure of the steam can break down and lift stubborn stains and grease from the carpet fibers.
  4. Improves air quality: Steam cleaning can improve the air quality in your home by removing allergens, dust mites, and other pollutants from your carpets. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.
  5. Recommended by carpet manufacturers: Truck mounted steam cleaning is recommended by most to keep your warranty in effect and valid.


Advantages of Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning include:

  1. Faster drying time: As dry-cleaning uses very little moisture, carpets dry much faster compared to steam cleaning, which can take several hours. This means that the treated area can be used soon after cleaning.
  2. Less water usage: Dry cleaning uses very little water. This also means that there is less risk of mold and mildew growth in carpets, which can occur when to much moisture is left in the fibers.
  3. Eco friendly: Dry cleaning uses cleaning compounds that are safe for the environment and for people, making it a good option for commercial spaces.
  4. Effective stain removal: Dry cleaning compounds are made so the dirt and soil cling together, so stains can be removed leaving carpets looking clean and refreshed.
  5. Convenient Option: Dry cleaning is good when there is no ground floor access for Steam cleaning but can still provide regular carpet maintenance.

Final thoughts

When available and performed properly Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning is the most recommended by the companies that make and warranty carpet, the high heat and suction is valuable in removing and rinsing carpets from harmful dirt and allergens.

There are times however when this is not an option, especially in commercial spaces, when this is the situation then Dry compound Carpet cleaning is great! We at SuperShine, are your Carpet Cleaning experts and offer both cleaning methods for your carpet. The best carpet cleaning in Meridian, Boise, Eagle or Star, is the method you prefer!